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The top signs that you are desperate...

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It sounds to me from the PM you sent me that all that's wrong with you is you lack confidence.


Secondly, there's no harm in you imagining what it would be like to go out with this guy or that guy.


If you're interested in somebody go and ask him out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Good luck and take care.

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If you are going through a lot of emotions, and it seems to be directed at a guy - you are probably lacking confidence and are confused.


If it is getting you down, you could try getting yourself back together before pursuing anything with anyone else.

Increase your own self-esteem and make yourself happy.


I agree with finding things you can do and that you are good at. Going to the gym, getting new hobbies, etc.


Good luck.

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Many single people feel what you are feeling and it gets magnified this time of year as many see the holidays as "couples week". Being alone during the holidays often makes you long for what you don't have, to share the holiday spirit with someone you love. Shopping for that special gift for a loved one or enjoying the magic of bringing in the New Year with a passionate, breath stealing kiss. Don't worry you are very normal and not alone. Desperate is a harsh word, I would use unsatisfied.

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Sign that you are desparate - you care more about getting dates with anyone then getting a date with the right person; you think you have to resort to techniques and tricks in order to attract someone.


It is ok to go through mixed emotions when it comes to relationships and wanting one. Everyone goes through these emotions and doubts about themselves, even the people who appear to have it all together. Focus on your strengths and realize that you are a good person who will have everything she wants when the time is right.

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i sometimes feel the same way, i have been told its caused by depression, low self-esteem and lonleyness. try to find something to do, i know sometimes you just want to sit there but hun that will only make it worse. trust me. take your dog for a walk, hold your kitty, call up a friend, or PM me i would be more than happy to talk to you!

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