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I can't be the only one who is going through this...

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How exactly are we supposed to get to the point where we do not compare every new person we meet to our ex? And should i be worried that i just am not attracted to many girls b/c i was/is SO attracted to my ex?


I feel like i am setting myself up to miss out on new opportunities to meet people but i cannot get over the roadblock of comparing every girl i meet/see/talk to with my ex gf.

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The only reason why it's happening is because you're not over your ex yet.


If you are comparing every person you meet to your ex, it's not fair on that person and you should just take some time out for yourself and in time, you'll meet new people and your ex won't even enter your head.


When I split up with my ex in the summer, I was exactly the same. I didn't want anybody else and I couldn't imagine myself being with anybody else. But, I got over it and met a beautiful girl. She's split up with me (see the dating forum) and now I'm in the same situation again. My point is, it passes.


It's hard now, but it will get easier.

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Thanks everyone for your thoughts, I know that time is what i need and the longer i am not in contact with my ex the easier it will be to move on. i think i was just nervous b/c it had been so long and i was still feeling the same way. this is the first time i really had to get over someone that i was head over heels in love with for a few years.

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well that's good to know...i think part of the problem is that although i've let my situation drag on a lot longer than i should have...she hasn't done anything to make me mad at her or think negative thoughts, and sometimes i think i need that in order to get over it.

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Give yourself time... to heal. It happens. Breathe and look around, step outside... stay busy. Don't focus on jumping into something new until you can look at that person for who they are. If a reconciliation with your ex is not possible, don't stop and wallow in the pain. It's a very large world... Carpe Diem, live your life... love will find a way back, it's human nature.

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