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I cant help myself anymore.....

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Im cursed!!! Im a danger to myself!!


Im not having a great start to 2006. Last year i went through some real hard times with family, friends, exs and jealous people. I had heaps of fights with family, I wanted to move out and everything...that problem has improved. but Im still having problems with friends and people who consistanly abuse me. Last year, some one (linked to my ex) kept pranking me and abusing me, they have stopped now, but every now and again i still get pranked.

10mins ago, some guy just knocked on my house looking for his 'gf' (mum said he was looking for trouble)...Im so paranoid! I lock myself in my room (or stay in the house) so I cant make anymore problems....ive been in my room all day today!

My sister wanted to go shopping but im way to scared to leave the house. Everytime the phone rings i feel sick to my stomach, everytime someone knocks at the door i feel like i need to find a weapon to protect myself.


My ex has really stuffed up my life. I have noone to help me. I dont know what to do!!


I know I'l probably look back at this and say it was nothing, but right now I feel like its the end of my life! Im sick with fear...I dhouldnt have to live like this...I think i need professional help.


I feel like I cant make the right choices for myself.... Im just so depressed, its not the way i wanted to start 2006!


Plus I had a car accident yesterday...I have to drive to work tomorrow, but im so scared!! I know im going to crash again.....I just know it!! When something good does happen, something bad always hits me that lasts for ages! Im cursed!


I want to run and hide, so no one can find me....so people can just stop harrasing me. Everytime something goes wrong, im in the middle of it or im pulled in it....I hate this, I want my life back to how it was before I met my ex...Things were perfect for me then...

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I can see how you are feeling.. You need change the way you are looking to things.. NOTHING will happen if you drive your car and go to work.. NOTHING will happen if you go shopping with your sister.. If things werent fine for you lately, it doesnt matter.. You need to go and face your fears..


Not because bad things happened to you, means that you will have troubles all your life.. You are the one who is making problems for yourself..


You said some guy entered the house looking for his gf.. What does this have to do with you ? You are fine, just go live yourlife normally.. If you tried you may fail, but if you stayed without trying you are guranteed to fail..


Just forget these thoughts which are NOT TRUE.. Bad things happened to you, forget about it and go on.. You are still young and alot of changes could happen in the future..

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Alwaysneedhelp.....Im trying to forget but I cant! .....It like ive been conditioned by the situations that have occurred...


Ok again you need to face your fears.. It wont be easy.. and it will take time.. Let your family help you.. Someone you trust.. Maybe a good friend of yours..


Tell them how you feel.. Let them take your hand and give you the first push.. can you do that ?

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First of all go and see your doctor and find out if you need medication for depression. Secondly, if your ex is causing you so many problems go to a solicitor and ask for advice. They maybe able to put an injunction on him to keep him away from you. Finally, If you have to change your telephone number and go ex directory.


You must do some positive things to help sort your problems out otherwise it'll just get worse.


Good luck and take care.

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You may be able to get a restraining order again your ex if he is harassing you.


The more you worry about this - the lower you will get.

Do things to take your mind off it, after you get it sorted.


As for the car accident:

As people said in the thread about that - every one has car accidents at some point in their lives. It's not a big deal.

You are only human, and allowed to make mistakes.

If it helps - have someone drive with you for a while until you regain your confidence.


Take care, and feel free to PM me.

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