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need advice!!

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I met my current girlfriend about 8 months ago. Shes an awsome awsome girl. Just for background information, I met her about 7-8 months after I came out of a serious long term relationship. I was over my ex when i met her, but was a changed person. The breakup has changed me as a person, has changed some things i believe in etc.


Now its been 8 months and I havent been able to say I love u to her, and i think its really unfair for her. I like her a lot, and I knw she likes me a lot too mybe even loves me. But "it" is missing. Now this has led me to act in mean ways, i dont knw why, I am not a mean guy in general. I think i am just frustrated with this whole thing. I dont wanna loose her cuz shes awsome n all, but at the same time i think its unfair to her cuz i cant give her wut she deserves. She has hinted that she wants me to say i love her. I dono wut to do!!!

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Listen to your heart, when you are ready to tell her that you love her, then you will definitely mean it. But for the time being, tell her that she is a super awesome person and that you admire her tremendously. You need to rethink your feelings for your new girlfriend. Be fair to her and don't feel that you have to say something that you are not ready to say.


Usually after a relationship goes on longer than a year, most girlfriends want to hear those special words. If you are not able to express your feelings to your girlfriend by then, well maybe, you should not be too serious with her. Try being a close friend and not her boyfriend, if that is possible. Good luck.

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