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It all ended b/c he wasn't ready for me but he called me at 5am....

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The guy that I was seeing wasn't ready to be in a relationship so what we had ended a month ago. He calls me 5am and I got sooo happy. I really like this guy. He asked if I would want to see him..(yes ..I know he just wanted sex) and I said I was in bed and that maybe during the week ..he did consent to that..we decided on Monday but I called and text him and he didnt answer or call back...WHY play games???????? I just don't understand...I cant take it anymore with these guys ...I go through soemthin ALL the time!! Do u think I'll ever be happy?????

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ES... Is THIS the guy who's phone number you found and called him??

If it is...you need to lose this guy. he sounds like a class "A" jerk.....why would you be just OK with having sex with this loser?? I mean knowing how you feel about him.


If it's not the same guy....I apologize...Just getting it out of the way..

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I am going throught the exact same thing right now. I had a really though time last night and the guy im meeting kept texting me saying are you okay now and today I was lying in bed and he text me again saying he really needs to see me cause he wants me to talk about my problems and sort stuff out. He said stuff I'll take you away from your family later on and we can just talk about what happened to you ect. Then he said hes going to collect me at half 9 but It half 1 in the morning right now and he just sent me a message saying "hang in there for me"


Hes really messing with my mind and I dont need that now.


I know for a fact hes going to ring me in the middle of the night wanting me to come out!


Does the guy your seeing take drugs?

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no this is the first guy that I date since that idiot which was my ex-boyfriend...i must admit I got attache to the guy that I was seeing a bit to quick! Dating is soooo not for me..I hate it im sucha girlfriend...its sad that I cant just be cool with having sex w/ a guy and just keeping it moving...i wish i was that type of girl. It just seems that every guy is the type to just have sex with a girl w/ no strings attached! Its not me!!!!!

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Well the MAIN reason why Brian is always late and sometimes not replying to my messages is because he's under the influence of drugs. He's so nice when hes not after smoking but he looses emotion after that.


He's just addictive to me I can't just walk away no matter how much I've to put up with. I'm so foolish but can't help it.

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I asked because the guy is NOT good for you. He plays head games.


Something I am resigning MYSELF to is NOT dating for at least 6 months. This might be a good idea for you as well EsBOOGIE. No "dates", no "relationships...just take time for YOU and what YOU want. Cultivate yourself. Learn about yourself ....It is NOT necessary to be in a relationship to be happy..believe me. In fact being single is quite liberating.


I understand what you mean about the sex thing. I don't think many woman WANT to just be a "booty call". No woman of self worth should ever want that. What you need to do is learn how to NOT be clingy and dependant on whether a relationship works out. It is a balancing act....hard but doable.One way to do that is by dating more than ONE person..UNTIL that relationship has become exclusive. Putting all your eggs into one basket before anything has been established is usually a recipe for disaster! So just keep things light...have fun and enjoy yourself. You just never know what might happen.

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In this case, my best friend would say to me, "Don't you have better things to think about, like, what color to paint your toenails???"


He sounds like a jerk, plain and simple. He is playing some games. Why? I don't know. Why bother psychoanalyzing him. Forget him, don't take 5 AM calls, find a man who calls you at normal hours and respects you.

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I have to agree with all of the women that are hard on this guy. He's a loser.


I also agree with the taking time off to grow as a person and learn yourself. I did that a long time ago, learned taht I didn't "need" a man in a clingy way and that I had a multitude of interests and reasons to love life without a guy. Now it's hard for me to settle down cos I'm too busy.


Once you feel comfortable without a guy, you'll develop more confidence and you'll have that un-anxious quality about you that draws men in. If you don't just do it for yourself (which you should), do it for your future relationships.

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