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Orgasm while kissing?

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You'll usually be able to tell through her breathing too. if it starts to get faster and she starts breathing very heavily thats a sure sign. even if she is a quiet one she will most likely have a change in breathing.... wow shes a lucky lady if she can do that lol

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Is it possible for a girl to have an orgasm while making out?

Yes. As strictly physical at is may seem there is a strong Psychological point of it as well. Very possible and does happen.


Beside general body health related issues, there is an amount of individuals whom are unable to orgasm or engage in sexual related pleasure because of psychological blocks or related mental issues which have developed for one reason or another.


Like I stated earlier, on the flip side there are those which have a strong psychological link to sexual activity and arousal, and can orgasm with minimal or no physical contact, but there is still the sexual element to a certain extent (making out, etc...,)


Are there any signs that a girl is about to orgasm or does it just kinda happen?

It really depends on the girl herself. Certain individuals male or female are extremely vocal, and there are those of either gender that can go through without hardly a peep.

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Thanks for the help so far. When we were making out and such she started breathing fast and hard(i could tell that easily) - and by the way she didn't orgasm - and everyonce in a while her muscles would start to tighten up and she would kind of arch her back, but then she would stop. Does that have anything to do with it?




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Hmmm..Ok if this question was directed at the GUYS wouldn't they be calling it PREMATURE EJACULATION??? LOL


Why is it sexy if a WOMAN orgasms before sex..but if a guy does it's

a medical problem??

Oh and for the record....men do not SUFFER from premature ejaculation..WOMEN do!

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Why is it sexy if a WOMAN orgasms before sex..but if a guy does it's a medical problem?


I think it may possibly be multiple orgasm abilities and resolution/recooperation/time differences between the sexes.


Typically you'll hear that the women are more prone to multiple orgasms and able to have a much shorter time between them, whereas men have a much longer required period before they can again orgasm.

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Why is it sexy if a WOMAN orgasms before sex..but if a guy does it's

a medical problem??


With women, any time they orgasm it is sexy. Men love it before sex, during sex, after sex... anytime they can see it.


Men are more insecure. So they freak out if it happens to soon.


And jinx is right about the multiple orgasm and recovery time thing.

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Hmmmmm...wow...having an orgasm just by kissing or making out? Can I meet the guy who does this???LOL


Some women are quiet...others howl like banshees...umm

of course I won't divulge which one I do....


I did that to an ex of mine once. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I did though.She just must have been really, really, reallllly turned on.

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