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Is he right????

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I recently got caught by my mom b/c I told her I was at a friends house when I was really @ my boyfriend's. HIs mm was out of town. When she called and found out I was not there, I had to tell her the truth. To my surprise, I am not even in trouble even though she was very upset. When I told my boyfriend that I told my mom I was at his house, I think he got mad and still is and wont talk 2 me. I know my mom will not tell his mom and I am not on punishment or anything. Is he right to be mad???

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Did he say why he was upset that you told?


Why did you both have to lie in the first place?


Seems to me that you both participated in the lie, and just because your mom found out doesn't negate that you were both keeping it from you parents.


I don't think he's being reasonable to be mad at you. If he was so afraid to be caught, he should not have had you over in the first place.

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When you were at his house, did he know you did not have permission to be there? If yes, he has no reason to be mad at you, and is probably just scared to get into trouble. If he didn't know you weren't allowed, he is probably angry that you kept it from him.

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