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Having mixed feelings towards EX....HELP!!

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Hey guys...i've posted earlier regarding receiving an email from my ex after 3months of NC. I'm so frustrated and confused. I kept wondering what if he is thinking of getting back together?!! I just don't understand why he bothers to email me NOW. Out of all this time. Last time we talked..it was terrible. Ended up with him saying if i dont' stop contacting him he'll call the cops or something. So i started NC...moved on....actually sorta seeing this new guy. And then out of no where....he sends me this


Mei Mei, I knew your life would get a lot better without me in it. I'm glad that everything is going well for you! I wish you the best of luck in the new year! Take care.

So now i'm left in a nutshell. Wondering does he wanna reuinite? I've asked all my friends......about what this email means. Given the time of the year, the contents...they all said there's gotta have some hidden meaning to this. WHY NOW? i kept asking myself........and this is driving me nuts! All those feelings towards him i've tried to surpress are all coming back. Here's why i think there's hidden meanings in this email

point 1: he calls me by Mei Mei.....this is his nickname to me given by him. when we broke up he calls me by my english name....not the cutsy chinese name he used to call me all the time.

point 2: it's the holidays.....feeling lonely maybe?

point 3: i heard he's after a new girl already.........but if he is successful ....why would you wanna contact ur ex?

So ......i need some serious advice. Especially from guys cuz i just dunno what guys think anymore..

I'm starting to WANT to get back together with him. As with the new guy.....i'm starting to feel for him too. Ahhh.........NOT a good way to start the new year. The scary thing is i felt happy at the thought that he wants to reunite.....and i know i should continue NC. But what if i want to be with him still? How should i approach this and not screw up again? I've already replied him a friendly email.......about being friends in the new year.....start a new friendship and such. I've managed NOT to call him (took alot of self control to do that.....) or plaque him with emails afterwards. Because last time when he shown any interest of being friendly.......i completely blew it........i bombarded him with phone calls and msgs....so this time i doing the waiting game and NC....HELP! What does his email mean? Am i doing the right thing to get him back?

A side question.....is tarot cards reliable? i've done alot of readings.......and the scary thing is i kept getting the same results......that i'm gonna end up with him again........what are the odds? eeeer......so frustrated!!!

Thanks for hearing me out......

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Ditto to what venus said. I know it sounds like you still have feelings for him, but there's nothing in there that would indicate that he wants to get back together. It just sounds like he was trying to be civil, friendly.


when they want you back, they make it clear by saying, "I want you back. Let's try again." Anything short of that isn't worth analyzing.


good luck

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I know......but i'm stuck here..i do want to get back together now. This is bad.........i'm having one of those relaspes again. I need more opinions about this email thing. I could be in denial too........hoping to hear 'yes this does sound like he wants to get back together with you' that's why no matter what other people say it won't enter my ear unless i hear what i want to hear. Errr.......love stinks...

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