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11 year dif how to make public in small town.

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How does one go about making an 11 year age gap relationship public in a small town and with a very old fashioned father.


I have been seeing this man he is 38 I will be 27 we live in a small town and people like to talk and bash these sort of things. I will admit it is a little weird that I use to babysit his two children and they are now 18 and 16. He has been divorced for 13years I should add.


We both enjoy each others company and I really would like to make it public and so would her. However I am wooried about my father since his sister in law married a man 14 years older and he didn't go to the wedding and she is not even welcome in our home.


This scares me. He is fine taht I have a four year old son but I do believe before we make it public I should discuss the fact that I do one day want more children. The way he talks is that he doesn't. Should this be something we talk about first and before carring this relationship on any further.


I need advice....

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i agree, but i also think that if you see it as something serious, then evaluating whether it is worth making it public is a good idea (i.e. talking about the kid thing). because if you are considering moving on if he isn't interested in having more children, then you should talk about that first.

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Thanks for the advice I will say it is really hard to get this guy to open up about his feelings becuase of his divorce and proir relationship.


We see each other now in public and we talk and he always winks at me when he leaves watches my every move. Everyone in my nice small town is starting to think we are dating which is fine with me the thing is I don't really know if we are we meet up alot go to different places together all that stuff but like his brother said he doesn't talk about his feelings.


I guess I just have to tell him how I feel straight forward and see how he responds if it is more of a casual sexual relathionship we have then I have to end it beucase someone always gets hurt in that situation.

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