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Does he like me or my best friend?

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i like this boy soooo much. I broke up with my year long boyfriend about two months ago, and about a month ago i started talking to this boy at my school. i tried to talk to other boys before to get over my ex, but everytime i was with someone else all i could think about was him. but with this other boy from my school i dont even think about my ex. he makes me so happy when i am around him. he is so funny and nice. but the problem is i dont know if he really likes me. i'll tell you why.


ok, it started when i had a boyfriend "j" (the boy i was wit for a year) and one of my friends tried to go out wit "c" (the boy from school). Well, "c" tried to go out wit her, and they talked on the phone and everything but she didnt really like him. she started going out wit this other boy, and i became single. after about a month we started talking more, and my best friend tried to hook us up. my other friend said it was ok and that i should go for it. i didnt like him at first but after we started to talk more i started likeing him a lot. he told my best friend that he did like me, and she gave him my number. he would always stare at me in class, cuz i have one class wit him. he would flirt wit me and grad me on my waits and stuff, but then the next day he would act like i didnt exist. he would go back and forth. he has a job so he hardly ever called. he only called a few times, but we didnt talk that long. he tells everyonet hat he does liek me but that he doesnt think he would be a good boyfriend for me, but i dont know if that is jsut an excuse.


also, he flirts wit a lot of gurls. like he is really sweet, so i dont know if when he plays wit me he is jsut being nice.


also, i am suspicious of him liking my best friend. the last time he called we talked for like ten minutes and at the end he asked for my best friends number cuz he had to talk to her. well he called her and she said he asked for her to braid his hair. everytime we talk he always asks about her. me and her are always together so i dont know if he is just trying to make conversation ,but how do i make him give more attention to me. i am scared though, cuz i like him a lot. sooooo much, and i know that my best friend is a really good person and what if he does end up liking her. i am confid ent in myself, i know that i am a really good person, and pretty and stuff, but whenever i am around my best friend her personality over shines mine and i dont get to talk to him as much as i'd like. how can i talk to him more? he is hardly ever home and he hardly ever calls and when he does we dont get to talk that long?



WHAT SHOULD I DO? Can someone please help me out! I'd really appreciate it!

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first off you just need to cool down. If you let yourself get so emotional about things when there's no proof whatsoever that the guy likes you, you potentially put yourself to position where you might get badly hurt. You must stop analyzing every little thing, that'll drive you crazy. Don't stress!


Start by thinking so what if I don't get him." Then you can move into: "screw it, I'll talk to him right now 'cos I don't care if I ruin it." And then you talk to him.. you need to do this because if you don't make contact, you won't be in contact with him in which case you lose all chances whatsoever.


maybe he's shy, and that's why he's having problems of making proper contact. Maybe he's playing hard to get, or maybe he is not interested. There's no way you find out unless you do something about it, some people may tell you that "girl must never ask guys out" because of some stupid dating "rules" some mysterious fellow wrote 3 centuries ago. What I'd consider as a good guideline would be: "the one who's interested will make the move".


Start by making contact, go and talk to him and see how he reacts. If he starts to make more contact to you, it's good. If he's all evasive or something, he probably is not so interested. If he seems to enjoy your company, I say that you should ask him out. Someone has to do it anyway..


If you don't see eachother anywhere, call him and ask him out. If he gives an excuse without a counter offer, that's kinda bad. If he sets up the date but doesn't show up, that's bad. If you ask him out and he's interested, he should say yes. Remember, "no" in all it's forms (not showing up, giving excuses) always means "no" and you should quit trying for your own sake.



I must add, don't get your hopes up too much. Usually outgoing and flirty guys ask people out, however it's possible that he's just shy around his crush, considers you to be out of his league etc. Basically he should have made more contact with you, and this "he's rarely available" sounds to me that he doesn't have the interest to make himself available. But since nobody knows for sure, I say: ask him out or initiate more contact. You don't lose anything.

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About your best friend: How does he act around him? Can you read his body language? If it's clear that he is into your best friend, that might be a problem and the only case which might potentially cause you a lot of trouble, since if you ask him out and he wants to be with your friend, he ends up into real awkward position. Also if you do nothing and he dates your best friend, you're not gonna have very easy time seeing your best friend kissing your crush etc.


Maybe you could ask your best friend if there's something going on with him and her.. ? Might simplify things..

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Thanx so much for you're advice. I really appreciate it. I am gonna take your advice about making a move tomorrow and if he does reject me then i will be fine with it. the reason i am so stressed out is cuz i dont know how he feels. he sends mixed signals. if he doesnt like me then i will leave it at that, but if he does i really would like to take it to the next step with him. see, my best friend has a boyfriend of 2 years and she loves him a lot, but i know that she thinks that this boy is cute. he isn't as shy around her, but whenever he talks wit her they talk about me, but the thing i hate is whenever i tak to him we talk about her. i will give u the update on what happens, tomorrow after i talk to him. thanx again!

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