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15yr old, Came In Gf, Condom Broke, No Pills, Screwed for life? REQUESTING HELP..

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PLEASE READ. Im only 15 and had sex



Hi there im new here and i need major help. My gf is going psycho and im about to go psycho too. Im 15, shez 16.


Her period ended Yesterday and we had sex for the first time today. Like idiots we didnt know the procedure and was totally unready. The condom had air bubbles which i found out might be the cause of condom breaking. I think i came as i was withdrawing. It was a spermicidal trojan but i do not know if it helped since it broke. I do not wanna be dada yet and she doesnt wanna be mama. We would like to keep this away from parents no mattah waht.


Should she wait a week to take the HPT?

Are RU-486 available? Where?

Would it be risks involved such as unable to give birth in the future, future birth defects, death...remember shez only 16.??

What should we do?

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Definitely get the morning after pill! NOW if you haven't already, don't wait another second! You two acted irresponsibly, and you have to start acting responsibly now. IF she does become pregnant (although she will take the morning after pill so she won't, right?) then she can get an abortion. I the condom broke and you weren't using any other form of protection then there's a chance she's pregnant. However, depending on when her period is, it might have been a time of less risk and she may also not be. Better to take all the precautions now though. Also in a few weeks she should go to her doctor to have a pregnancy check just to make sure she's not. It can be a simple urine test, not a blood test.


I'm sure you'll be fine. You just had a scare, but it's important in the future NOT to let such things happen and to make sure you're both ready for having sex.


Take care,



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That's true... that's one reason why I'm against one-night hookups or even having sex with someone I don't 100% completely trust. I'm still a virgin at 21. I want to make sure I'm in love with the person I'm having sex with. It's not for religious reasons, I'm OK with having sex before marriage, but I just need to make sure I really like the person, and we would have to be dating for quite a while before I'll have sex, not just a week. This is just my own ethics. I think you and your girlfriend should sit down and discuss your views on this as well, AFTER she takes the morning-after pill that is. At 15 I honestly don't think you should be having sex that is WAY too young for such a risky act... people are just learning to kiss at that age. She might not even have her period yet actually, I know some girls who never got it til they were 16/17 (although that is somewhat late, but it's possible.) You both have to realize that this is a mature decision and I don't think you're ready for it yet. Personally, I think people should wait to have sex at least until they're 18, legal age, but that's just me...


I don't want to sound like a preaching parent, but I just want to let you know how important it is to think about things before just doing them... I think your parents should also know that you're dating this girl and getting quite involved... they can help you out.

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isn't planned parenthood the first place to check, i know they will give birth control pills to underage people where i live, they will guide you, call them tuesday. also, if your girlfriend's period just ended yesterday, it is very unlikely that she is pregnant today, it is about 14 days from period that is highest fertility, you are probably good. but call anyway.

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yes there is a chance of getting pregnant, but it is considerably lower right after the period ended. physiologically the chances are just lower, you just cleaned out your uterus of all the lining, the egg is just going to start undergoing maturity so it can be released. anyways, the chances are lower, but it's still a good idea to get the morning after pill.

but yeah, it also depends on how regular are the cycles, that's why there are higher chances for teenagers, the body hasn't set itself into a cycle yet.

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YEah I think the plannned parenthood thing would be good to go to or go to the heath deparment Either way you to dont need to make the mistakes me and my ex- boyfriend did. I'm pregnant and 15 and it's not fun and my x-boyfriend wont own up to it. So if she does become pregnant please dont be a jerk stay by her no matter what... Anyway you check at planned parenthood or go to a pharmacy.


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