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do you have to have sex with a girl to be bi?

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i like this girl alott for the past couple years and she has never dated a girl but shes only had one boyfriend i told her i liked her and she said it was really sweet and i asked her would she ever go out with a girl and she said i dont know and never talked about it agin i have asked her if she was straight but never any responce just the awnser saying forget about it one day i said do you even know what you are and she said yes i know what i am and said well what are you and she said its non of your buissness so i left it alone that was 2 years ago and just a couple days ago she told me she was bi and i couldnt believe it cause i would finally have my chance these past couple days i dont think she is forsure about this she said when she see's a girl she could picture being with them bu she coldnt picture her having sex with a girl and i said the same thing and she said well how are you bi and i said just because i wouldnt have sex with a girl doesnt take away the atraction i have to a girl i said if i was really in love with a girl i would problly have sex with a girl so my question is are you still bi even thoe you wont have sex with a girl even thoe you have feelings about alott of girls?and if you arent bi then what will you be

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Definitions vary greatly but personally my belief is to be Bi you have to enjoy both aspects of men and women, both physical and emotional.


As most of us will agree here, you don't need sex to prove your orientation. If I had to have sex with a woman to be a lesbian, then I wouldn't be one. It is the fact I love both the physical and emotional aspects of women and could indeed hold a relationship with one.


I guess in a way you could represent this by saying, do you need to have heterosexual sex to be straight? Nope not last time I checked, it is the fact that an individual has both the physical and emotional capabilities to love someone of the opposite gender.


I've heard of individuals who are confused and say they love women but could never have sex with one, visa versa with men. On real example being, I love the personalities of my male friends but that isn't going to make me fall in love with them.


Personality is a crucial part of any relationship but physical also plays an important part too. You still need both elements to carry on a relationship which is balanced. You could probably go awhile without the physical but eventually it would catch up and the problem would need to be dealt with one way or another.

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