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G/F spen the night at another guys house, wasnt her choice

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** MIGHT BE A LIL LONG** hi if u could, pls comment before tonight 1/1/06, ok so last night my g/f and her best friend were at ehr house, i was there and then we all elft iw ent home theyw ent to a skating rank for a lock in, then a guy friend they've been friends with forever invites them to come hang out at his house, it's those 2 girls and like 4 guys and i wasnt there.. they spent teh night and my g/f wanted me to come i said i doubt i can she said will u atleast ask so i did, and my mom said no, and she was upset cas she was sooo bored and i see her tonight and i'm not happy she spent the night there, but i dnt wanna demand for her never to do it again cas that'll jsut start a fight.. i'll jsut suggest it, but i need sum good ways to tell ehr how i feel about it, it's not that i dnt trust her or the guys, i do, but wat if sumone i kno saw her walk into his house and i wasnt there, they would spread rumors and it would make her, as well as me look bad and set a bad reputation for her, i ahd to lie to my parents last night jsut so it wouldnt seem like she was a bad girl and i plan to mention that cas i really shouldnt be having to do that (lie to my parents).. i do think she loves me cas she been giving me head for the past 2 nights and she holds me and kisses me all the time, and while she was there she said jsut trust me i wont do that to you, i'm not that way i dont cheat on ppl.. but i jsut worried till like 5 am. she called at like 2 saying she was bored.. i offered to come get her but my mom wouldnt have let me..but can u please help me on wat to say that wont make a fight that'll get my point accross and make her not do it again and if she does, then call me to come get her.. i'm really hurt by this it upset me cas thats jsut wrong to have a b/f and spend the night at another guys house, and a thing about ehr friend shes a control freak, if she was any kinda friend she woulda brought my g/f home like she asked her to...any advice will be appreciated thanks...

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Trust your girlfriend. I don't understand why an adult would let their 16 daughter stay at a strange guys house anyway? You say you trust her, if she is trust worthy you have nothing to worry about the rumours that might spread.... rumours are just that, rumours, if you love her and trust her, who cares about what others think! I would be more concerned about her parents letting her stay at this boys house that her intentions.


Parents are gossip mongers, worse than what spread through teenage gossip.


I say you have nothing to worry about. Sleep tight, calls her as much as you need to.

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thaks.. shes adopter and her dads a drunk and she never called them to tell them she was going over there.. thats another thing that pissed me off.. i trust her.. but i mean really.. she should put herself in my place.. wat if i spent the night with a girl i've been friends with forever.. ya know? wat would she think then.. she'd prob get jealous or worry she couldnt trust me.. i would never do that and this girl is the best thing thats happened to me.. i really love her anymore advice would be appreciated.. thanks.

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Hmm.. well, you have obviously come from a very solid family up bringing, she on the other hand has not. This will be an on going thing with her. Can you put up with it or not? She might be a great person, however, the differences in up bringing can be a major part in relationship conflicts. Yeh, you could do the same, the difference is your parents would never let you do it whilst you are under their control. Don't feel hard done by, just be happy you have a stable life, cause she doesn't and i feel sorry for her.


Just accept her for who she is, if she really wants to be with you , sneak her into your house, I am not encouraging you to do this, however, I am sure she would for you.

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i'm sure she would, but my parents would prob catch us, but maybe i can deal with it, i'm gunna try to get her to not do this again, and if she does behind my back.. i'm guna leave.. i jsu cant handle her being around other guys a whole night at there house without me there...

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well should i atleast talk to ehr tonight about it and teller how i feel and make her put on my shoes and ask ehr wat she would think if i spent the night with anotehr girl? i wont be mean. i'm jsut gunna suggest it to her.. i kno she has her life and i have mine.. but if she really truly cares for me, she won't do sumthing that hurts me..

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