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I will survive

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You survived without him before you both met and you will again. Don't let the fear of being alone stop you from moving on. Sure, you will get lonely but only for a short time andfriends and family will support you through the worst I'm sure And even if if you don't have anyone, then you got all the people on this site who will make sure that you will be ok.


The best way I can think of to stop going back to him is just thinking about them in bed together. I certainly would not be going back for second helpings of THAT kind.

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I always said to my ex husband, you can leave me for another woman, however, if you live me for another man i will take you for everything!


You can understand another woman (even though it is still very hurtful) another man is a whole different kettle of fish.


You will just be great. You will meet another man who is not confused about his sexuality. And you will be so much better off and happier and will think, why was I with confused little boy. You want a man, not a boy.

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Conkatliz...I know where you are coming from. Too well. I think I would have been better prepared mentally had I known upfront what his preferences were. But hindsight is 20/20.


If you feel that you've exhausted all possibilities and you can NOT live with him then you need to get yourself out.


Do you know in fact that he was having a relations with someone else?


You might want to call your Gyno and go get yourself checked. To make sure you are ok. Thats what I had to do. and let me tell you... it puts things into perspective!!! Being in a committed relationship and I have to go get checked for possible STD's....ohhh yeah.. I was NOT a happy camper.


As to living on your own. It takes a little getting used to. There are days that you will miss ADULT conversation if nothing else. But when those days role around... I try to keep in mind, I also don't have the arguments and the day to day uncertainty if there will be a BLITZ KRIEG in my home.


The NC is a great idea. It helps you get over the "addiction". I think we grow addicted to relationships... even when they are BAD for us. By going NC... its like quiting smoking, alchohol or anything else... you put as much space between you and your NEMISIS. That thing that is NOT good for you. And you find things to fill in the blanks. You pick up a book to read, movies to watch, hang with your friends, go for walk, exercise.... find things that will keep you busy.


It will be ok. And yes... YOU WILL SURVIVE.


BTW... go out and buy yourself a copy of that song. Grin. Its great to listen to it when you are feeling down and out.

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