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Reasons Things Can't Work..

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Happy New Year!!!


Maybe it's because of the New year..maybe too much wine ....

but I am thinking of GOOD reasons why trying to go back to an OLD relationship

could NEVER work..I made some realizations, and a few are:


1) There would always be too much resentment...especially on the part of

the person dumped. REGARDLESS if they got a second chance.


2) If you are blessed...(or cursed )with a long memory..the old issues would

ALWAYS crop up.


3) Forgiving someone for crushing you takes tremendous strength and an

ongoing commitment. This is simply too hard for most people to do...especially of the person who hurt you has not expressed ANY remorse or

acknowledged they did in fact hurt you. Remember...it takes TWO to screw something up.


4) Reconciling with someone you've broken up with is a commitment rarely

supported by BOTH parties..and most OFTEN by the person dumped, in an effort to prove themselves "worthy" of a second chance. More animosity ensues...


This is just a short list..if you have any..throw them out there.


Basically he message here is this: Spare yourself the misery and indignity. Bury the past..and set higher standards for yourselves in the new year.

Thats MY plan


Have a great Day!

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