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I can stop be mad

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I agree that it's great that you are involved in public issues and concerned for the welfare of the country. And I also have a real problem with the Bush bashing. It's just way too over the top. He's a human being like any other. He messes up sometimes and gets things right other times. the people who attack him no matter what he does are just obssessed, and it's definitely not healthy. Oh, I'm a democrat, by the way. Rush Limbaugh gets the same reaction from me.


But I want to add two important ideas. One is "circle of control" and the other is "circle of concern." The first phrase refers to all the things in your life that you control, such as how you spend your time, how you manage your life, your money, your skills, etcetera. The "circle of concern" are things that you don't control or even influence, but spend time being involved with anyway. That includes celebrities, politics, other people and such. It's natural to spend some time in the "concern" things, like watching the news, keeping informed. But practically the best thing to do is spend time in the "circle of control," working on the things that directly affect your life and abilities, and that you can make a huge difference in. Getting so involved in politics as to become infuriated may be a bit too much and not the best way to spend your time and emotional energy.


And as the previous poster said, you can bring politics to your "circle of control" by getting involved politically in some fashion. You can write letters to the editor, work for a campaign, run for office yourself.


Some ideas.

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I know this is something to be mad about but I can't HELP IT.

I live in Asheville NC and its really political here. People make me angry; standing in the middle of downtown with Bush bashing signs, calling him a liar and a terrorist. Like screaming and yelling makes a diffrerence. What right does anyone have? I'm not against or with republicans, but I do agree with the tax situation. I mean why should I have to pay for people on welfare? The money that can could go to my food, to my future, to my schooling is gone. People are rewarded for being unresponsible. If a woman has 5 kids, its her responsiblity to take care of them, not anyone elses. I know this is something weird to be mad about but whatever.


So, did your parents pay to send you to private school right from kindergarten onwards?

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