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ex back on the scene in wat way though? please help!

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hi everyone please help

me and my boyfriend have been apart now for 6 months all this time we havent really talked except first of all when he was the nasty type calling me etc

but nothing happened really to break us up just the petty argument!

after all this time ive wondered how he is etc loving him loads still1

anyway the other day i was checking my emails and i came acros one from him saying:

iv bin thinkin-maybe i shouldnt of bin so hard on u n i kinda regret bein such a dik. he he. i had a dream about u last nyt. iv had loads of dreams bout u recently its weird init.n e way if ur still in england wen i get bk maybe u would want to cum out sumtym with me n jak n bilal n co. n e way if i c u i wont be awkward with u so cum out if u want. c ya round rob.


i was so chuffed!

anyways i emailed bk etc etc etc and i got a reply and we carried on now i talk 2 him on a regular basis i dont kno if he likes me tho? im unsure hes very ice wen he wnts to be like tonight he said i looked nice etc and complimented because i was on webcam but he knows how i feel and doesnt seem to care well im a really bad judge!

anyway im just wondering if anyone can help thanks love kirsty xx


p.s other times he tlks about other girls and how nice they ae etc is that 2 hurt mi wind mi up what plz help!

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All I can say is try not to let it excite you to much. What if its just a friendly hello. I know I would be a mess if my ex called or emailed or texted....but try not to take it to heart....when he says Hey I messed up I miss you I want to work things out then you can take it as he wants to get back together or at least mend things!



Good luck

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