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kind of funny.

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i was feeling like this guy i've been casually dating wasn't that into me. and when i went to a party last night my friend paired me up with a friend of hers, she said she loved both of us that she wanted us to make out.

it sounds immature, i know. but we did, it was lots of fun. he wanted me to go to his house with him, but i said no. honestly, i wasn't into him as more than just make out material. he was a little too hesitant for me and not very confident. and he was tooooo available, not enough suspense.

and when i got home all i could think about was the OTHER guy. and i sent him an email while i was drunk saying i thought he wasn't that interested and me and what was my problem being into guys not into me, but not being interested in guys that are interested in me. and the funny thing is, he called me in the morning. i'm not sure that he's already checked his email. but it definitely shows he's interested in me, we're probably gonna hang out this afternoon. so i dunno. i feel silly.

on top of all that my other friend is mad at me cause i didn't want to leave the party cause i was making out with that boy. she wanted a ride home and they ended up getting a cab. she hasn't called me back, so she must be mad. i called and left a message, sorry for being lame, in the future we should drive separately. but still. i've always been on the other end of the stick, and had to stick it out or take a taxi. does it seem fair that she is mad at me?? the ironic thing is, when we were in dancing with another friend, i drove that time too, and she was drunk and the other friend wanted to go home but this particular friend didn't want to, so we stayed, even though the other girl was really tired. so it seems like a double standard... and also, when it took me a while to make out with that boy, she said "if you don't make out with him, i will" and started dancing with him. hmmph.

btw, this boy he wanted to make out with me clearly, but didn't know how to, so i just went up to him and said "when are you going to make out with me anyways" and kissed him. sigh. i was drunk. clearly.

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Sounds like you were drinking and wasn't thinking to clearly. You probably wanted to relieve some stress and just have fun. That's ok. But in the future if you are having problems with a guy, its best to talk with him and not get drunk and make out with someone else.


As for your friends, they were drunk too. When drunk people don't really think about what is fair or right, they just say what they think. Reason not to drink.

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i couldn't talk to him. the problem is a lack of demonstrated interest, me pressuring him to express interest only makes the situation worse.

and what my friend said at the time doesn't bother me, just bothers me she might still be mad, actually pretty sure she is.

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The only way you will know if he was interested in you is to ask him. Ask him if he likes you or if its only to have someone.


As for your friends I would say it is double standard but hey if she is truly a friend she will get over it.


If you had fun making out with this guy then maybe you should just date and don't get really involved with anyone specific.


good luck

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Agreed. The only way to know is to talk to him about it. If your nice about it, it won't be pushing him. And you can find out where you stand. If he doesn't want something with you, then you know that you should try to move on. If he is, then you've got what you wanted.

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I totally know where you are coming from girl!! I thought I was the only one feeling this way, but in truth there is one guy that is clearly not interested in me but i'm so interested in him. Well, (ok i'm kinda drunk too) he was interested in me at first but me not very interested in him and then somehow, and I still can't quite grasp HOW this happened, things changed around. It sucks. I've had 3 dates with other guys this past week, they are interested, but I just can't stop thinking about the other guy!!!


So then I realized, the best thing I can do is talk to him, but he keeps avoiding it, and the more time goes by the more useless it seems to talk to him. *sigh*. I sent him a txt sayin happy new year and that was pathetic and desperate and drunk of me to do that, and of course, did he reply? No. What a jerk he is. Anyways. I think u should talk to him and get your feelings out and he get his feelings out and then if it doesn't work out at least you know it doesn't work out - not get all confused like me!!! But one thing I would reccommend is like don't be too open with your feelings... For EXAMPLE - here is what I was planning 2 say 2 my guy like 2weeks ago if we talked.


"Dude, I really liked you, and I just wanted to talk to you, because I wanted to let you know that I'm not into a serious relationship right now, and I'm not ready to be so attached to someone, but I wanted to know how you feel and why things got so confusing all of a sudden. But now, you seem to be avoiding talking to me, and I have no clue why, but you are pushing me away. I don't think this is any reason to close the door for a friendship, I think it would be great if we could continue to talk to each other and see where things go, but a friendship has to be 2sided and not one sided so if you are not willing to put in your side then let it be so".


Yea. Ok - I gotta stop my drunken babbling. Sorry. But I just want to let you know that I'm feeling the same way you are! Message me and keep in touch - I would like to know how these 2 so very similar situations unfold, in relation to each other.


Good luck with your guy -

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well, it was strange cause the boy that didn't give me any attention wanted to hang out so we went for a drive and hung out by the water, we talked for a long time and made out a little bit, it was nice. he had to go and open champagne with his parents, so i dropped him off by his house at around 11. i actually had the guts yesterday though to ask him why it seemed like whenever we hung out it seemed like he always had to go so soon, and we talked about it, he said he was glad i brought it up. it's still kind of weird, i feel uneasy about stuff, like i dunno if i can totally trust him, but hey, he called me to hang out so that is moving in the right direction, so i'm just gonna chill and let him call me again...

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my friend still hasn't called me back, so well, oh well. eventually she'll have to get over it. it really isn't that fair for her to get mad at me and for her to have mad so much of a scene at the party about me giving them a ride home in front of the boy i was making out with. i'm pretty sure if the roles were reversed it would have been fine.


the irony of all of this, is that the moment i released the pressure inside of me by making out with someone, he came around. it's funny.

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Hmm. Maybe I need to find a guy to make out with. lol. Give your friend some time - call her in about a week and apologize. I know even if it is her fault, just bring it up and apologize about it to clear the air. Its the friendship that is important.


I ignored this guy all day at work today. He ignored me too. I don't understand why it is happening like this, but I feel good about it.

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