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your staring..they're staring..then what?

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Well, just pretend you were out to the mall or at a party or something with your friends and then you notice a really hot guy (or girl) staring at you like they want to get to know you ,, and you start wanting to get to know them... Do you approach them? and if you do .. what do you say ?? Or do you wait for them to come to talk to you?? I always seem to get stuck when im in a position like this and i end up regretting not talking to them . ](*,)

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Someone has to come over or the two of you will never meet. So if you want to go over and talk to him, then go over and talk. At least then you know for sure what is going to happen instead of always wondering about it.


If you get stuck in a game of who goes first, then no one is going to go. There is no rule saying who should go up to the other. So just go up and do it.


Now, why do you think you freeze? Are you shy? Nervous? Scared you'll do something foolish? If you can figure out why you aren't moving, you can know how to handle it.

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I always seem to get stuck when im in a position like this and i end up regretting not talking to them . ](*,)


Well then the only way to solve this is to take the BULL by the horns and not get stuck in this position. So you don't regret it. You walk up to them and say... "Hey, how ya doin my name is LittleBigGurl01 whats yours? Nice party... you a friend of so and so's" and then you take it from there.....


I also like the tried and true line of ... "whats a cute guy like you doing at a party like this all by your lonesome"

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Send them a cute smile and maybe even a little wave....if you want to talk to them make yourself available....Don't be surrounded by a bunch or friends...guys are intimidated by that....Single your self out...walk to a rack of clothes away from your friends....see if he follows your drift

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