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i think it depends on a lot of factors. like if there's another person involved, etc. In general though I don't think the "no contact" rule usually lasts forever. Sorry to hear that you're feeling alone and confused. We all do from time to time. This is a supportive group you've found and if you tell your story you're bound to get good advice.

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This may sound unappealing, but the best way to recover after a break up (or to deal with a period of no contact) is to hang out with other people. Especially other people of the opposite sex. Especially other people of the opposite sex that you are interested in. I've been on both sides, and it's amazing what this strategy can do. Alternatively (additionally?) you should try to fill your time with activities you enjoy and spend your time with people that you feel close to and comfortable with.

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Chances are extremely slim. I think No Contact is the BEST thing for anyone hurting from a breakup, especially the dumpee. For me, I extended my breakup with someone for 2 years by staying in touch, being on again off again, finding out the whole time he was dating someone else while "working it out" with me and "needing space." TRUST ME, NO CONTACT IS THE ONLY WAY.


If you are meant to be together it will happen a long long time later after not speaking for some time.


Good luck! And hang in there, eventually you do get over them.

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