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I'm beautiful...

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I didn't know where else to put this...


How do I respond when my boyfriend tells me I'm beautiful?


I mean, when we're talking, the way it usually goes is.


Him: Hey, guess what?

Me: What?

Him: You're really sexy!

Me: *laughs* Thank you very much.

Him: You're very welcome.

Me: You are, too, you know.

Him: Oh, I know. *wink*



But it's different when he tells me that I'm beautiful... the sexy thing is just a sort of inside joke, but beautiful is serious... up until now, I've said thank you, and I want to reply with something that lets him know that I find him attractive, too, but calling him sexy doesn't seem to hit the same level that beautiful does.


And calling him beautiful would make him feel feminine...


What should I say?

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A hug is good. Just a smile and looking at him with love reflecting in your eyes lets him know that you appreciate the comment. Just go with how you are feeling, there is no certain way you should respond. Live in the moment and appreciate the compliment. Let it touch your heart and enjoy the tingle it gives you.

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I always had the problem of responding with humour because I didn't know how to respond.


I'd always have some sort of sarcastic or smart- * * * remark. I mean, I appreciate it, but you're right, sexy is a little different. Just say thank you, tell him he's gorgeous. Give him a hug or a big kiss. Steer clear of the sarcasm lol

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