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feeling lost

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have you thought of going to university? I think you could be challenged there, though maybe not, depends upon what you do and if you enjoy it and where you do it I guess.


Have you considered starting your own business? (forgetting about the details, would you consider doing this?)


Were the jobs you have quit all in a related field? Were they different fields? Were they challenging? Were they rewarding?


Is there a way your interests can lead you into a field where you might like the people more and work longer in?


If you have add then they can give you drugs, they'll be more than happy to sell them to you lol, they probably will if you have add or not...

But if you have add it should be treated in some form or another.

If it's not add then it would be good to find out exactly what it is...it is probably simple boredom and not add, but you would be a better judge of that then me! But make sure you get a second opinion on top of your own if you want to know for sure.

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If you are planning to go the corporate route a college degree puts you at the same level as most of your competition. It will give you more credibility in that arena. College is a place to grow and gain selfconfidence,

intellectually. If you have problems sticking to things earning a

degree will fix that. If you go for a degree get it out of the way as fast as possible but enjoy the time of not being in the real world (even if you have to work a job), make friends, and enjoy the journey.


However college tends to make people analytical and conservative which can hinder creativity. It is not for everyone. I know some very successful people that couldn't do college but they were risk takers hard workers and took simple ideas such as janitor services, home improvement and created solid businesses around them. Of up most importance was they really liked their work and they were their own boss. No "Office Space" for them.


At 24 you have time to experiment as you should. Making a lot of money feels good but after your basic needs are filled, nice house, car, etc. most people look to feed their souls. If having a mansion on the hill was Nirvana why do so many Hollywood elite spend time raising money for the poor and needy?


It is important to make decent money with no debt. However a lot of money does not make one a better person. I have tried to find things I would do for free and make a career out of it. Everyday won't be great but at least you won't hate what you do.


Whatever you choose the attitude must be "failure is not an option".


You say you have many interests. What are the top 5?

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Win... If you really want to get your whole work ethic thing fixed once and for all, I'd recommend the military. I had a great time when I was in, and if nothing else, I came out of that experience with one thing drilled into me.


You don't have to like it... you just have to do it!


And believe me, that lesson has been invaluable to me in the 11 years since I left the Navy.


This would also solve the problem of having no qualifications. Military trains you... pays all your training cost... plus a decent wage at the same time.


just m2c

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Most everyone has some type of financial debt. The main thing is that debt

does not become an excuse not to pursue something you really want to do.

I cost 100,000.00 + to goto Law School. Most people borrow to go because

the future payoff is worth it to them.


Going to school can be expensive but when it's over if you choose

the right field you will be able to pay off the debt and create a good

financial environment in a few years. I did not get financial help from anyone and paid off my 10 year student loans in 5 years.


Also there are 2 year degrees/programs that pay better than what many MBA's make. Electrician for one. That can even lead to owning your own business in the time it takes most people to graduate with a BA/BS.

Lots of good paying medical fields take only 2 years such as RN.


Good choice not to fight in President Yosemite Sam's war.

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Back to school is definatley the preferred option. Just make sure you think long and hard about it, cause there is nothing worse than getting into more debt studying, but getting half way though and dropping out because its not what you really want to do.


Whatever you choose... make sure you stick to it and see it though. Any qualification is better than no qualification. Doesn't even matter if you don't work in the field you studied in, just the fact that you were disciplined enough to apply yourself and complete the course will be a solid indication to employers that your worth consideration.


Good luck

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