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So i posted this last night and apparently forgot something i wanted to say in it... Once you read i will clarify what i forgot.

Ok so i have two questions... the first is mainly to get a girls point of view or a guy that knows very well.

1. So i have had a friend for a little over a year. At a halloween party in college (neither of us had been drinking), we danced all night long and hung out all night long. We were having a good time. We went outside for a break and this kid came up and asked us/her "So are you two going out? Is he your boyfriend?" Her answer was "Its complicated" I have no clue what that means. I was expecting a probable no, and definitely not a yes, but thats what i got. I understand how its complicated but i dont know if that means she is interested. A little background... She went out/ hooked up for a while, with one of my good friends and fraternity brother. She has a boyfriend, which she never mentioned she still had for a while until one time and hasnt mentioned anything else since then about him. We talk at least 3 times a week, depending on the week. She had me over and cooked for me just before christmas and we talked for like 3-4 hours. So what does complicated mean and what should i do?

2. I guess this question involves the same as that. If she is interested from what you read above... what should i do and how should i go about it? Im pretty sure she knows although she may not that i like her. We both have very busy schedules but do talk a lot and see each other as much as possible with school, work, and other college things. So i would like advice on how to deal with the situation. Thanks


So what i forgot to mention was the info about her boyfriend. Apparently they have been together for a couple of years but she started doing to stuff with one of my friends and they broke up and the reason they got back together was she saw something better in him than the other guy and didnt have other options. So technically they have een back together for about a year. When i recently went over i found out from one of her roomates who was drunk that she doesnt have any sex with him and that they arent together that much, as he lives 3 hours away and with her busy schedule and everything. Its a somewhat long distance relationship. I know they have been together for a while but she doesnt seem too happy about the whole thing especially when her drunk roomate brought it up. I guess thats all i can think of on that situation.

Give me whatever you can!

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First of all I suggest you talk to her and find out exactly what 'It's complicated,' means? Secondly if you are interested in her I would explain that you don't want to share her with anyone else, otherwise you are going to have the same problems the other guys are having.


Good luck

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Tigris is right, you NEED to find out what is happening with this BF of hers. Don't get involved with someone who already has a BF as you may get hurt. If she has or will dump him for you, then great. But if not, at least you can walk away without being used or hurt.

Don't EVER be second best to anyone, for ANYONE.

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i agree with bethany, dont be second best to anyone.


you're 19. there are a plethora of women who are probably clamoring to get at you. i understand having feelings, but again, youre 19. this is the time to get out and experience everything life has to offer.

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As everyone has said, talk to her and found out what is going on with the boyfriend. If they are still together, no matter how bad things seem between them, don't get involved.


Remember, she cheated on the guy once and then tried to get back with him. Now she is flirting with you. She doesn't seem like a person you can really trust in a relationship, and I'd be careful about starting anything with her.

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