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bar maids - the untouchables


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I like to think that I'm fairly good at approaching/attracting girls but the toughest nut to crack in my experience is the bar maid. Pity really because there's one I quite like.

Whether it be in a crowded pub or a quiet one it's very difficult. There's nothing that she hasn't heard before and seperating yourself from the hundreds of other blokes she's had hitting on her in the past is not easy.

So I ask, has anyone else met with this problem and can you relay experience/ offer advice on how to be different.....in a good way, of course?


Especially as it's NYE and I may try my luck on the one at my local tonight

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haha the bar maiden.. the only way i coul tell that one dug me was that i had left the bar completely smashed and paid a 10 dollar bar tab. i went back and said to her "if you pour me another drink, im going to have to stay at your place tonight".. the rest is hostory.

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Of course it makes sense! Seem available so the customers (largely men) chat you up and spend more money on booze (and tip you better), but never be available because every other customer is flirting with you in any case and if any one of them becomes your boyfriend your ability to "seem available" to the rest is compromised. Makes perfect sense to me!

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Avoid bar maids. The very nature of their jobs is to be around a lot of drunk guys likely to hit on her. They do hear every line there is. They intentionally act flirty in order to keep you around so you'll buy another drink. It's about increasing the profit and giving guys the illusion of a chance. Odds are they aren't going to take a guy serious.


But if you really want to try, you're best chance is to be different. Be a nice gentleman who engages her conversation. Don't be drinking to much. Like with women anywhere, you want to form a connection with them and get to know them. Don't make it seem like you are trying to pick her up. Of course, you shouldn't be trying to pick her up anyways, you should just be focused on getting to know her.

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