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Ex gf emails me to wish me a Happy New Year

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I posted earlier this week about my ex calling me on Christmas and wishing me a merry christmas. I didn't get the msg till Wed. and decided not to call her back. Well, she emailed me today and wish me a Happy New Year. This is what she wrote:


I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. I called on Christmas to wish you and your family well, but know now that you did not want to talk with me at that time. Regardless, it feels true to me that I wish someone that I care about deeply all the best for the New Year. May the New Year bring you peace, happiness, love, joy, fun, stability, health and anything else you desire, deserve, need, and want. You are in my thoughts & dreams so often.


All the best from JessMess.







Should I call or txt msg her tomorrow and wish her a happy new year? We've been on NC for 20 days... which is the longest we haven't spoken.


Like I said in my earlier post, I'm trying to move forward with my life and not get stuck in the on/off relationship.


What's your advice?



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These situations are tricky because one never knows if the other is just saying hi or if there is an MO to go along. Perhaps wish her similar thoughts and if she keeps trying to contact you let her know your position you are trying to move on with your life and no longer want or feel comfortable with a relationship with her.

Hope this helps



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I'll agree with James005. I had almost the same situation with my ex this past holiday (X-Mas) but it was a "everyone" post wishing a Merry Christmas. It wasn't personal like yours but I was debating to write back, which I did just wishing a Merry X-Mas to her and that's it. I didn't expect a reply and didn't get one. If I were you, be strong and just write back in a very cool and discrete manner. If your going to analyze it and stuff like that, then don't. Don't expect a reply back b/c if you do, then you'll drive yourself crazy thinking about it.

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