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Fly, Fly Away


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Spring where are you? I need her to warm my hands

When will she build her nest under my awning?

She has flown away for good

Has enough time passed. Where are those sunny days?

When will Winter allow Spring to play?

I can still hear her soft melodies before she up and went away

Oh Spring can she hear me now?

How I miss those cool, clear mornings, when all was at peace

Has the bird been locked up in its cage?

I tried to save her from a Blue Jay, but Blue Jays get their way

Her babies are all safe, in that old nest under my awning

Her old nest is crumbling, she has a new one now

It's in a dangerous place. I wish I could pull her out

I reached for her, but she smacked me away

So tell me…..

Spring when will she come to warm my face?

When will she allow my Almond Tree to bloom?

She says my Almond Tree will not bloom, for she is still to new

Pretty pink & white flowers I long to see

She covered my yard with flowers, but they did not grow

I want to use her flower bed as my pillow, her nest as my bed

Winter go away, so Spring can come out and play

Fly, Fly away my friend back to your cage, where your Blue Jay awaits

I will wait for Spring to arrive, so I can watch her flowers grow

My feet are grounded in the soil she once tilled

Strong like a weed, she cannot kill

Watch my garden grow, planted with care, my heart stays

For Spring will arrive, and life will be renewed

My soul, heart buried in my back yard

And watch as it blooms in the new soil I tilled

There are no sticks or stones in my garden

I used them to pelt the Blue Jays away

Blue Jays are not allowed in my yard

for they take what does not belong to them

Spring is in my mind, does she still play her songs

Fly, Fly away to a better place to sing her lullaby

I will stay and watch as my new garden grows


~ MM

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