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Sex after A Break up WIth EX

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i read this on here a week ago. That it was a bad idea. 4 days into my no contact with the girl of my dreams who left me i meet her at a club last night. one thing leads to another and shes back in my bed all over me having sex with me. today this morning she says she is 100% sure that she wants to leave me. if there was anything i could highly recomend to anyone. don't do this. i am now so shocked i don't even know what to do. in fact ive not even come to terms with whats happened yet. the fact i now have new memories of making love to her is destroying me.

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I learned this lesson years ago and remember very well how much it hurt me. It broke my heart all over again, I was simply crushed. In my situation, and perhaps in yours it lead to a painful realization that our relationship truly was over. I was devastated but I knew at that point I had to move on.


It feels awful but you're not being destroyed, you're becoming stronger. Stronger, wiser, and I promise you, when you're ready your next love will be greater for it all.

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I learnt this lesson the hard way !!!!! i broke up with my ex ex boyfriend but was still deeply in love with him and kept going on dates and going to stay at his after id been out, i felt like a total booty call and we were just using each other which eventually hurt us even more, when i finally realised it wasnt what i wanted and met someone else who treated me properly i ended it, it was only when he realised i didnt want him and didnt depend on him any more that he told me he loved me and wanted me to move in ????? men are a strange species at times, the best advice i can give is to have some space to get your head straight and try not to do the old drunken txts and calls proclaiming your love as he will tap into your insecurity and use it against you !! good luck

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How can you say no to it though if you love someone so much that you would do anything to hold them again. Has anybody been in a situation where they said no sorry you dumped me i don't want you? Is this actually possible. For me it felt like another chance again. Being in bed with her falling asleep with her. Her falling asleep on me. Or was it simply her showing her insecurity, Lewis

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Has anybody been in a situation where they said no sorry you dumped me i don't want you?


Yes, I did that the second time my ex propositioned me for sex, I said noway! Yes, it's lovely making love to the one that you love, however, if they wake up in the morning and brush you off that makes the happiness and the reasons for having sex null and void.

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