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Is it something good or bad ?

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hi guys,


iam really confused.. Alot of girls flirt with me without a reason.. Iam just wondering is it because they think of me as a little boy or because iam a nice guy or what..


Like a girl keeps hitting me and being playful about it..

Other girl sometimes is nice to me without reason.. Like gives me something and tells me keep it beside your heart..


I dont think they like me more than a friend or anything.. i dont like them either more than friends But they just do some strange stuff from time to another.. why is that ? is it a good or a bad thing ?

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It means that they don't hate you lol (I mean, they like you at least as friends, possible more, but not necessarily), but what it means specifically would depend upon the overall relationship and context of those things.


Like a girl keeps hitting me and being playful about it..
If you have a sister you'll notice that she probably hits you too. This is a sisterly thing to do, though it could easily be a sign of deeper feelings, it just depends upon the overall picture of your relationship.


Other girl sometimes is nice to me without reason.. Like gives me something and tells me keep it beside your heart.. people will even say "I love you" meaning just as good friends. This is in my experience very common. This could just be an expression of affection like that.

This girl likes you, how much she likes you depends on other things.


For example, if it were the same girl doing these things then it would be more likely she liked you, but again I wouldn't be certain.


Look for better signs that indicate with a greater certainty her interest. Things that people who are just friends wouldn't normally do.


It's definitely not a bad thing lol... it's a bit confusing for you, but apart from that it can't be bad.

When we are young, girls (and guys) will show their affection in many immature ways, some of which make NO sense whatsoever. (I say immature, though it includes "lacking in confidence")

If you are old and a girl treats you like a little brother then I generally wouldn't say she is interested in you...but if you are young then it is possible because the girl may just have an immature way of showing her interest.

But that isn't a certain evaluation, just a way of estimating - some people just don't have confident ways of showing their interest

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well these 2 girls are older than me.. but i dont think they want to show interest.. its something they just do without thinking iam 18.. and these girls are 19 and 20.. i dont think they are in love with me or anything but sometimes they seem to like me.. i think as a friend.. anyways just wanted make sure its not a bad thing

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It's in no way a bad thing. You are a nice guy and the kind of guy that draws attention from girls. Doesn't necessarily mean they have interest in you. In this case it is probably just them being friendly and they happen to have flirty personality. But the fact that you have girls being friendly and flirty is good. Means girls feel safe around you and comfortable around you. And no matter what anyone else tells you, those aren't signs of being a boy, thats something that will help you with women in the future.

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