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A Question That's Been On My Mind

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Sometimes god will bless you with a good face..he'll bless you with a good body...or he'll bless you with the brain...Sometimes people are lucky enough to have either 1 , 2 or all 3...My question is what do you do when you are blessed with none?? I cant find anything to do with myself , I try in school but no matter what my marks will be the same ( most of the time not good ) I dont have a pretty face or a nice body .. So again my question : What do you do when you are blessed with none?

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You should try and find something you're good at. Everyone excels at something. For me, I have superfast fingers, able to type 90 wpm on a good day. For others, it's sports, or academics, acting, etc. You just have to find your forte`. You're 13? Don't worry, you have plenty of time to find something you excel at.

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Trust me when I was in school there were pretty 13 year olds who slipped and hit every ugly branch on the tree by the time that they got in to high school! I also know a few girls that I never really paid attention to in grade school and in high school they were knock-outs! You will see many changes in your appearance over the next 3-5 years, give it some time! Don't be so harsh on yourself as to how you perceive yourself or how you feel others perceive you. My son just turned 12 and he is at a very awkward stage as well. He is 5'5" 150 pounds and wears a size 13 men's shoe! He hates his teeth and thinks he's going to look disproportionate for the rest of his life.


Now for your marks...if you show that you are trying and doing your best, you may be able to get extra credit from the teacher and some additional help. Have a good attitude and let your teachers know that you care, just by doing that, you put yourself at the top of the class.


I've made some pretty good predictions in my life and I predict that you will blossom in to a beautiful woman and have many opportunities for dates!

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For your marks:

If you are doing the best that you can - no one can ever ask for more.


You may not see yourself as pretty, but one day you will find somone who will think you are the most beautiful woman on the planet.

You just have to believe it and be patient


You also have talents.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Sports, hobbies, etc?

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well i enjoy playing sports...i used to be really athletic and fit but in the past 2 years i guess puberty kicked in and sports weren't really my "intrests" anymore .. and i started gaining a few pounds so now im 130 lbs and my family doesnt seem to hesitate to remind me about my weight gain.. ..but now as i see how i have physically changed i am back into sports and determined to shed a few pounds yeah random people will come up to me and tell me im beautiful, cute or wutever but im at the point where it really has no effect on me..i just dont really care anymore because honestly theres just one guy that i really like and i dont even know if he notices me .. if he complimented me like that im sure i'd feel better but thats highly unlikely and i accept it

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Try to keep how you feel about yourself separated from this guy you like. I know it's hard, but they are two different things. I'm sure that over time you'll find lots of things you like to do and are good at. You'll also fall in and out of love with a few different guys. Please try hard to find your self-confidence within you -- don't let some random guy change how you feel about yourself.

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