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Why would they lie about thier past devorce


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I was in a relationship and am still wondering what went wrong,it has been a long time and I am Tired of trying to figure it out by myself.When I met her I was real cautious,and I was curious to know what went wrong with her marriage.One of the things She told me, her husband accused her of being unfaithful and he was treating her bad because of his suspicion.She told me that she did not cheat on him and the incident in ?was when her sister was having a baby and she went without his consent to be with her,and that she stayed at a hotel in a popular casino area.She also told me that it was the first time she had stayed in a hotel in that area.(JUST THAT ONCE)She usually stayed at her sisters house!.The person who she was accused of cheating with was her brother in laws brother.I went to one of her family functions about 7mths later and her brother in laws brother showed up unexpectdly,it really caught her and him off guard and I sensed something between them without knowing he was the one that was accused .You could of cut the ice with a knife!!!They did not even acknowledge each other,I tried to be friendly with him but he seemed very reclusive and hurt that I was with her.Anyway I did not say anything to her about my feelings and another month went by and we're at one of my family functions.I came up behind her without her seeing me as she was talking with a bunch of my relatives and she was telling them how she has stayed at every hotel in that same popular casino area.Was I justified to feel like she deceived me about the hotel and the cheating??????

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some time divorce or the legal dissolution of a marriage is a result of miss-trust on each other, causing a huge impact on the relationship, this is a common things why the marriage fell apart:


Insufficient or poor communication

Financial or monetary problems

A lack (deficiency) of commitment to the marriage

A hammy or dramatic change in priorities

Unfaithfulness or Infidelity


There are some other causes we see frequently, but not as often as those listed above .They are:


Lack of conflict resolution skills

Addictions and substance abuse

Physical, sexual or emotional abuse

Failed expectations or unmet needs

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