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Does He Want A Lust Or A Love Relationship??


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How do u know if da guy u just start dating is wanting a LUST or a LOVE relationship? any hints? If u dun want to have sex with them yet, can u still keep thier hearts? If a guy that likes u becoz u r good looking, is he more likely to be wanting a LUST relationship?

If u realize da person u r seeing now is only after sex but u r not, is there anything u can do to change da situation?

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First making your post more annunciated would help.


But there really is no right answer to this. I know people in their 40's that still mess up lust for love. I think it just becomes a sixth sense kinda thing, that just developes over years of dating.


No right answer, just have to guess and give it your best shot.



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If a guy only shows interest in your looks, clearly lust.


A guy who wants something real and lasting will take his time. He will be nice, polite, and caring. He will not rush you or make you feel like you should be having sex. He'll probably barely mention sex. The focus will be on getting to know you as a person and enjoying the time you spend together.


The longer you know someone, the more his real intentions will show there. If he is just looking for lust, he will grow impatient and start showing signs he doesn't really like you for you. However, someone who does care about you will be patient and understanding.


It is possible to have a relationship and keep your hearts without having sex yet. Actually, thats the right way to go. You shouldn't do anything you are not comfortable doing and shouldn't be sleeping with someone unless you are in a committed relationship.

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