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I Want to Have Sex


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Hello. Ever since I started masturbation at age 13, it's been over 1 year and it's not even that good anymore. I want to at least have oral from a girl.


I don't know how to get her to want to also. Should I start by hanging out with her occasionally? But then where can we do it? I know a few girls that are 17 that I occasionally hang out with, but I don't even know if I could get them to have it with me.


I think I may be hinting at it too much with girls. Like I would talk to girls but I don't know how to ask them to like hang out or something so I wouldn't know what to say. I get stupid and hint at it too much. When I say something online like 'want to do something', they say 'like what' and then I don't know how to respond to that. What is there to do with girls that could end up in what I want?

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First off, you are 14! A 17yr old girl should not be the first to give you oral, or to have sex with you, and if they are smart and don't want to get sent to jail they won't.


Secondly, do you plan on returning the favor, and giving her oral too? I know guys who "don't like to" or "don't want to" and that would be a very big step in the wrong direction if you plan on getting oral yourself.


Besides, you've only been masturbating for a year and you want sex already. Sex is a big responsibility, what happens if the condom breaks or w/e and she ends up pregnant?? Especially since what you seem to be talking about it just finding a girl to take advantage of, not a girlfriend or any other sort of significant other. I don't know if it's just me, and I don't mean to sound to harsh, but you are definitely not ready for sex.

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Depends on the girl.


Personally, for most of the people I know it's a turn off if you know the guy won't go down on you and generally that makes her not want to go down on the guy either. But like I said it depends on the girl, some don't care about oral for themselves, but would rather please a guy, and some would rather just have sex.

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You want to have sex? And what's different about you and every other guy your age out there, except for those few who have had it.


Set your goals lower, at first. A woman won't have sex unles she likes being with you and can trust you. She won't trust you until she knows you well. She won't know you well, until you get on a few dates. She won't want a few dates, until she has fun on one date. Until you can get her on one date, she won't have fun one on. Until you can talk to her and figure out if she will say yes, you won't get any dates. Point is, learn tot alk to them, learn how to tell if she likes you (Body language), learn teh steps and skills, and the sex will happen.

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Beec is right.. before you learned to Run... you learned to walk. Before you learned to Walk.. you learned balance.. before you pulled yourself up to balance.. you crawled. Are you following me?


You are 14 and those HAPPY HORMONES have hit hard. (no pun intended.)


Congratulations. You've hit young adulthood.


As Beec said.... take your time. Find girls nearer your age to hang out with. To date. To learn to talk to. Its going to be a long while (hopefully) before you have sex. So in the mean time... enjoy fantasy land. And in the real world... learn how to talk to girls, ask them out to the movies or what not.


And do a lot fo research on Contraceptives, Stds and protecting yourself and your future partner to be.


A girl is not just going to "do you" because thats what you want. A girl is going to want reciprocity when that time comes. So do your research.


Girls are impressed by cleanliness. The guy being a gentleman. The guy showing manners. The guy being genuinely interested in her and by being a good friend. Good luck to you. And take it slow.. you have plenty of time to enjoy the carnal pleasures of life.


Knowledge is power. Empower yourself and educate yourself.

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Wow I had the same feelings those 5,6,7 years ago. Craved it too. Well, just be patient I guess. Try getting a gf, try talking to girls better than "wanna go do something". Try being funny. Try dancing. Try things, and they will spark new ideas and perhaps lead you to a GF. Don't rush to sex I'd say. Leave it to when you want sex for a different reason rather than lust.



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Sex is not something to rush into or have just because you want to have sex. There are many factors to consider. STD's. Pregnancy. Who you are having sex with. Do you want the first time you have sex to be with just any girl? Or do you want it to be with someone special?


Sex should not be a goal. Sex should be something that comes naturally when two people really care about each other. You need to first focus on having a steady relationship. Question, have you had a girlfriend? Have you kissed a girl yet? Plenty of people your age haven't done these things. They should come way before sex. Take things one step at a time. Find a girl whom you actually like for her. Talk to her. Get to know her. Let a relationship grow. Be happy just being together. You have plenty of time before sex should be a concern. Don't be in such a hurry to grow up. Sex isn't just about having fun. There are lots of complications that it brings about.

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