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Realizations and hope for those trying to heal!!

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I have just read your post and i feel a bit better. My partner finished with me last week, it came as a complete shock and i am devastated. Every day seems like a moutain to climb. I was engaged 8 years ago but he died from cancer and i remember how awful i felt then, I am getting the same feelings again, but dont have the motivation to get up again. Please give me some advice

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Curly, I can't even imagine what it is like to lose someone you love to cancer. And now you're going through similar feelings having lost your lover. All I can say is, there's so much more to your life than you think, and don't give up hope. It will get better. It has to. Stay strong. Write to us here. You are not alone.

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Curly, we will always have these bumps in life. I dont know what it feels like to lose someone you love b/c of cancer but you got through it. You will get through this also. You will become stronger and wiser and find someone new. My breakup was 4 months ago and I thought I would never be happy again. I thought that, this was my only chance at true happiness and it just walked out the door.


I learned a lot and know I am a good person. God does bad things to good people in order for us to learn and become strong. Life is not easy but the stronger we are, the easier it is for us to deal with the everyday challenges. Since me and my ex broke up, I have realized there is so much to life. Enjoy the moment. Do something you normally wouldnt do. No one knows what the future holds and that makes it exciting.


We are here for you. Dont give up so easily. Stay strong.

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