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Does this applies to most girls in generally??

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I dunno, wut in some other post, they say that we gals tend to freely express our feelings and would talk to friends or family if some situation were to happen while the guys are not comfortable talking about them and rather writing. But, I dunno, I must be different then, cuz I rather keep writng than freely say wut I wanna say about all my problems I ever had, that doens't really make me comfortable, plus I'm not an emotional type gal, I notice that for so muany years, I would just keep held them feelings. Well I mean that I would show it in action but I'm not that type that can say "I love you" too often and I also notice that I was never really that much of an affectinated person. Also notice I don't reallyc ry if I'm to faced with a real problem, instead I get angry. But see, been hearing about girls getting emotional while the guys are strong, but that's not true in my case. So, wut then, I'm different I guess?

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I think the common consensus is that generally speaking females are more willing and do express their emotions more freely than men. But it is definitely not strictly gender based. Some men are very emotionally expressive and some women aren't.


You sound like you are maybe more on the guarded side with your emotions.

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