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Getting Serious and Spiritual about Soul


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Hi, I'm new. I want to start visiting here for several reasons.

Firstly I am very serious and deeply spiritual about soul mates. I believe in past life karma and soul destiny as well as preincarntional soul mate destiny together. I "knew" I would have to connect with my twin flame4 or soul mate over six years ago. Only now, years later do I actually feel a "call" to begin to connect.

I have had many spiritual expieriences and have undertaken a great amount of spiritual endeavor and have recall on much past life. So . . . six years later I find myself called to begin to open up to a soul mate meeting. I believe in soul groups and that we have more than one soul mate within that group.


So . . . Here I find myself. There are several soul mate searches on the internet, but for the most part people do not take it seriously as per soul group and calling to connect. A soul mate is a very general description out there nowadays. But, due to my memory and awakening upon spiritual quests, I know that it is all preset in destiny, if it is to be. I am one of those who is in contact with my own soul guide and high mind and maybe many here will not take it as seriously as I do, but for myself the search is a mutual one and there is much that will link up so it is no general topic for me, nor a general description.

I hope to meet like minds here and discuss expieriences and dreams and visions and past life memory and incarnational clues and so on and so forth.

Anyone like me out there?


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