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Another member (thanks darkblue!) forwarded this site on to another member, who requested I post it, so here it is! I just took a brief look at it but has some interesting facts/knowledge about this often mysterious part of the female anatomy. It also gives some great tips on learning to appreciate this area of your beautiful body, and also some fantastic masturbation and orgasm tips.


As posted from the site:


The aim of this page is to introduce you to some of the ways in which women relate to their genitals, sex, masturbation and orgasm. There's lots of information from surveys which will give you some sense of how compare to the rest of your sisters, and tell you a little about what women like to do sexually in the Western culture in which we live. One of the big findings of surveys like this is that women have a lot of shame around their bodies, and so we offer you a number of suggestions about how you can really come to love your vulva and vagina!




So learn, and enjoy!

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