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Well so my friends cousin is here on holiday and i met her yesterday. I was told that she was very "horny"(lol) and so we made out a bunch of times. Anywas so my problem is that she kept hinting that she wanted to give me a blow job. I would be happy to receive one but the problem is that im slightly plumpish and not very confortable with taking off my clothes. Basically im very shy and have no idea what shell think of me with my shirt etc off. Shes really fit and apparently works out and stuff. Im not really sure what i can do and how i should present my self.Any help would be great.Thanks.

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If that bothered her, then she wouldnt have hinted at it or even made out with you. Lots of people are plump and looks arent everything to everyone. Its all about confidence. Girls want guys that are secure with themselves. That are confident. I know a lot of guys who are plump that have skinny girlfriends.

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If you are nervous about being seen without your clothes on, then perhaps you aren't ready for something as intimate as oral? You also just met the girl, and don't even know each other. I can understand being horny, but perhaps it is best to hold off on the blowjobs until you actually know each other.

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