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**Going to a singles event alone**


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well You would be brave , but it should be done.


Myself I'm just getting up the courage to take up salsa again ( this time with no partner) - and stupidly as it sounds that scares me.

So I can imagine going to a singles do on your own would be pretty scary.


Are these things run safely?


what happens there, do you swap numbers and contact again later?


Yours intrigued



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Thanks for replying! It's like going clubbing. First of all you get your photo taken then it's stuck on a board with the rest of the singles and who ever likes you will leave their e-mail address and name, also you can do speed dating and do they salsa dancing too. Basically you go to a venue which has a dance floor and a dj. Would it be sad if i go alone?

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If it is a singles event, I would say you are likely NOT to be the only one whom is going to it alone. If a person has lots of other single friends, they are usually not as concerned about being single in the first place either, so I imagine there will be many other "soloists" there.


I would go for it. It's your life, and your friends and family etc cannot be there all the time while you live it. You are going for YOURSELF after all.

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Hey thats cool! I think u should go. You will always meet new people when u get there. just be outgoing and be yourself. i was at the bar last week and this guy came alone and we made friends with him so he hung out with us for the rest of the night and we had a blast! So the same kinda thing happens right, i just try to be friendly and introduce myself to people. Just force yourslef to go and even if its only for an hour and you are not having a good time, you can always leave right?

Have a good time.

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Personally its not my thing. But if it sounds fun to you, then go. It's called a singles event, so most people there will probably be.... ah... singles! And they will probably be just as nervous as you. The whole thing is putting yourself out there and that can be nervewracking for anyone. So know you aren't alone in your feelings. But you can't let those feelings get the best of you and scare you out of doing something you really want to do.

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I've gone to quite a few singles events by myself. It forces me to talk to people. I have found when I go with friends, all I do is talk to my friends.

I've also gone to parties where I haven't known many people. Again, I like to go on my own because I mingle better that way.

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