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Recently me and my girlfriend of 2 years broke up. It was my choice when it came to an end about 3 weeks ago. Things are fine between us, obviously when your together that long the break up process takes a bit to make sure both parties have all the things they left at the others house and things like that. Well we got all that straightened out about a week ago and I got an email from her today with her asking me if we could get together somet time to talk. She has told me in the past that she still wants to be my friend and I know that she has no intention of trying to seduce me or anything like that. I'm curious why would she be doing this to herself?

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She is doing this because despite what she says, she may still have some hope. She may be looking for closure or peace, but there is part of her that misses things, and she is reaching out to see what is there.


It's hard to move on, whatever side you are on sometimes, and she may not know she is hurting herself more in the long run at this point. She is just reaching out. I would be careful, she may have no intention of "seducing you" but that does not mean she may not be looking for ways to contact you and keep in touch hoping you will have a change of feelings & decision.

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I agree with RayKay.


You both have probably been each other's best friend over the past 2 years. It might be hard for her to let go of what she knows, or maybe she just doesn't want to. I also think that she does have hope that you will get back together.


I think that you should make it clear (if it's true) that you want to move on and that there's no chance of getting back together. When she understands that, and if she still wants to be friends, then you need to decide if that's what you want too.

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Well the initial reason we split up is because were at different parts of our lives right now. I'm read to get started on a career where she isnt sure what she wants to do with her life. That compounded on a bunch of other things basically lead to the split up. A part of me does miss her, but I will be leaving for Europe for a job and I will be gone for 7 months. I will be leaving in about 2 months time so I really dont see a point in starting over at this point. I think the time apart will be a good chance to grow as individuals and when I get back see where we are at and see if we can make it work.

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