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Along with this forum, sometimes music gets me through some tough times when I can't get my mind off of my ex... I listen to just about everything. Feel free to add your songs.


Aqualung - Good times gonna come (anything by aqualung is good)

Destiny's Child - Survivor

Alice DJ - Better off alone

Gangstar - Take it personal

Shania Twain - Whose bed have your boots been under

Rise Against - Paper Wings (really good song)

Rise Against - Blood to Bleed

Face to Face - Complicated

Face to Face - Disconnected

Face to Face - Walk the Walk


These are just some songs off the top of my head. But they are good songs and have powerful lyrics. Also, from my experience... NC.

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Some songs that get me going through my toughest times are songs I consider old school- late 80s, mid 90s. It always brings a smile to my face to listen to songs that I grew up listening to! Some old school songs on my list are:


*Tommy Page- Paintings In My Mind

*Madonna- Cherish

*Mariah Carey- Music Box

*Cathy Dennis- Too Many Walls

*Aaron Hall- I Miss You

*Faith Evans- Soon As I Get Home

*Aaliyah- 4 Page Letter

*Xscape- Who Can I Run To

*All 4 One- So Much In Love

*4 P.M.- Sukyaki

*Boys II Men- Water Runs Dry



Cool Topic!

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I love this topic... I have my list of songs too...


Some Kind of Stanger -The Sisters of Mercy

A distance there Is -Theatre of Tragedy

Nebula Queen -The Sins of thy Beloved

The Celtic Death Chant -Dead Can Dance

Dusty Miller -The Cheiftains (anything by these guys puts me in a good mood)

Hero of the Day -Metallica

Salterello -Dead Can Dance

Monsoon -Talking Drum

Nine While Nine -The Siters of Mercy

Gypsy -Emperor

Bella Lughosi's Dead -Opera IX

A Graveyard for B*tches -Crisis

Ich Kenne Alles -In Extremo

I Hate Love Songs -GWAR

Uneasy Riders -Charlie Daniels

Ring of Fire -Johnny Cash

Red Red Wine -UB40


I'm sorry not much on my list is that recognisable. I think I'll save this list and make a "bad day" CD.

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