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The person I most hate gave me a present on Christmas, wut now!!!!

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Hi, all, I'm referring to my brother's g/f, the person I most hate that if it wans't for my brother, I would have beaten the living heck out of her always and make her bleed. Now, yall know why I hate her, she's a cheating loser. 4 months ago was her second time and last year her first. But, she would denied it until caught red handed and she would be like crying her way out and apologize, saying that he's the one she cares and so on, blah, blah, blah, Yet, my brother still with her, still loves her, but maybe it's cuz it's his first g/f. Anyways, she would come and I would kick her out if my brother wasn't here, thought she would apologize and say she wouldn't cheat on him ever again, that she loved my brother, blah, lol and I would be like "Get the heck out, loser. Anyways she gave me a Christmas present,then on it was a long apology letter for all she caused and it kinda explained why she cheated. I gave her nothing. Yes, maybe she's trying to get along with me, but heck, anyone who messes with my brother will be messing with me. She knows very well I hate her while our folks seem to be so calm. Well any suggestions people

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First, I recommend getting some physical exercise. This may help with some emotions you have built up. Do some running, yoga, play raquetball, hit a softball, hit a punching bag - anything.


Second, I agree with Day_Walker in letting him fight his own battles. Although things seem clear to you, he sees things different because he has made more of an emotional investment in her. I have a younger brother who I don't necessarily like the women he chooses, but I figure he will live and learn. As far as how you should treat her - just tolerate her, you don't have to be her friend. As for inflicting physical pain on her because of the emotional pain she has caused your brother in the past - avoid doing that. Also make a mental note to yourself that chances are it won't work out for the long-term because generally young couples (under 20 years old) won't last forever. Sad, (not in your case) but true.

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