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Does anyone else have the constant feeling of being alone in this world. You have people round you everyday however you still feel alone. You search for meaning yet nothing is out there. No one is out there. What is wrong with me that I feel this way. Nothing seems to help, no one is there. No one understands, no one wants to understand, no one is there. Why can't I do as I please. No one is watching. No one but me.

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Everyone suffering from depression feels like this at some point in their lives! It usually happens when our feelings become numb and we can't focus on anything else but ourselves or our problems. You need a hobby to take your mind off it. This can either be something therapeutic like playing music/musical instrument, drawing, writing a book or joining an organisation so you can meet new people.


You've got a 4x4 vehicle and are interested in cars etc., look in your area for some organisations that you can join.


Good luck and take care.

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i no how u feel. i can often get so caught up in trying to find answers about the world life and everything else and often can feel detached an isolated. however ive learnt to have a positive attitude towards my thoughts and ignore negative feelings. i think getting a hobby or getting active will help and give you a more positive interesting focus in life. thats what im tryin to do and i feel better everyday.

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