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I have a question....


How many posters have come to realize they want to be in a relationship

with someone AFTER they were dumped...or had NC implemented?


I am just curious...after reading numerous posts of people in long term relationships who either could not commit...or just wasn't feeling it. Are these cases of just "not knowing what you've got till it's gone"...OR just someone feeling sorry for themselves? Also...if your ex DID take you back..or you took your ex back....how long did it last afterward?

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I think that is very, very common Lady Bugg. I have only once gotten back together with an ex. It taught me a lot of lessons. The main one being that it is difficult for a leapord to change its spots.


My experience is that at the end of a relationship there is a natural mourning period. During this time what you mainly remember is the good things in the relationship...not unlike when someone dies, we talk about all the good things.


But if you force yourself to take a cold hard look at the reality of the relationship you get a completely different view.

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How many 'WANT' to be in a relationship? I would venture to suggest that 99.9% of posters in this forum wnat to be back in the relationship that they have just lost.


As for not knowing what you've got 'til it's gone, doesn't everybody realise they are thirsty only after the well has dried up?


IF my ex would have me back I am sure that I have learned the lessons that would enable me to show her how much I appreciate her for both WHO and WHAT she is; how long would it last? I wouldn't like to put a time limit on it, but I imagine that any reconciliation would make both partners stronger and certainly more inclined to COMMINICATE with each other. Probably the most missing element in a break-up!

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