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Hi there!


I have a big problem: I am in a relationship for 1 1/2 years now. everything seemed to be perfect but:

Last april I went into my boyfriends email account and (I know it was wong but I had some proofs he was doing something wrong) I saw that he was sending emails with is ex(?) girlfriend. he said things like he loved her blablabla not a single word of me.

Anyway, we talked about it and he promied not to do it again. But now, I saw that he is emailing her again (but she told me cuz we are kind of friends now) and some other girl telling her he loves her, too.

What am I supposed to do now??? I have said nothing yet, just watched it for over a month now.....


hope u can help me out




PS. He is in the army and lives with me in germay, the other two girls are from the states.....

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1 1/2 year old relationship, isnt something that u would want to play with. but by what you are saying, he isnt doing the right thing, and shouldnt be telling other women that he loves them, when he is in a relationship with you.

i would wait alittle longer just to see if the e-mails continue, and if they do, and he keeps telling girls that he loves them, i would print the e-mails out and confront him about it. however i would give him a 3rd chance, he shouldnt be doing this, and it isnt right, you derseve so much more than that.


hope that u can work this out. PM me anytime if u would like to talk.

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I don"t know,


I think about breaking up with him. Right now, I cant cuz we are in the states for vacation and I am at his famiy"s house. I have no one here plus it"s still 4 more days to go.


He is about to go to iraq in january but please, how should a long term relationship work if he is already doing this WHILE I am still around. I don"t want to imagine what he"ll do when he is alone for a year.

On the other hand. I really love him and I can"t break up with him. Love is so wicked.......

Thanks for your advice though! It"s just good to hear what other peolpe would do if they were me......


PS. I can"t sent PMs for some reason.....

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You have solid evidence that he can't be trusted. Whether or not this is a long-distance relationship should not matter. If you trust someone and the relationship is strong, it stays strong even when you're far away. It's harder, but you find ways to make it work. I know because I've done it too.


If I was in your shoes, I'd probably just cut my losses and move on. He's lied a couple of times and you know that he's probably seeing other girls behind your back. How much more do you need to know that he's not a very nice guy?

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