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it hurst to breath

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I can not get this woman out of my heart. She left me for one of our friends. Why is that when you finally open up to someone they can't wait to cut your chest open an rip your heart out?I have know ideal what to do. I want to do like the dude in the movie "Secret Window"! As he ate another ear of corn. I want her to Know what pain feels like. At the same time i want to be the better person.](*,) I am so confused. So i wanted to talk abouy it ,before i plant a cornfield!! My Heart is shredded. How can friends do this to you? What can i do! let it go ,or let her know i am hurt. Because if she laughs at me i am gonna loose what is left of my mind

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Have you tried talking to someone about your feelings? You need to have a long talk with a friend you can confide in and vent a little. Get some of your feelings out. One thing you should never do is actually hurt someone. No matter how they made you feel. You need someone to talk to, someone who understands you.

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that is why i had to put it down on paper.you see it is just not her leaving that i can not get over,but she want leave me alone. she has always got to tell me how much in love she is with this other person. then when i get upset she down-grades me.this is why i can't move forward she want let me be. she comes to my house,even brings her girlfriend. this hurts so bad. i know she gets joy out of this. what makes it worse is i still love her.

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WOW....R u serious????....ok first of all, u cannot stop her from calling but u don't have to pick up.....u canot stop her from bringing her girl over but u don't have to let them in.


Get away from this girl, she means u no good. Focuss on getiing ur life back together. Obviously u are not over her so a friendship cannot be had here...not yet anyway.



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I think with her behavior, I would imagine the situation as a piece of yarn and a pair of scissors with a sudden snip.


She is hurting you, and whether its because she can or she wants to hurt your because she feels hurt for some reason, who knows but it is inappropriate (to say the very least).


You need to keep away from her. It may be hard but it all needs to stop now before you get any deeper and it hurts you in all psychological, emotional and physical aspects. They all link to one another and to hurt one to this point in a repetitive nature will continue onto the others. Then what? Shes happy and well off, but you're a mess unable to continue. Not good.


As has been recommended, start No Contact (NC). If she calls, hang up. If she leaves messages, erase them. If she comes along unexpectedly, ignore her. State your opinion bluntly that she is causing you unneeded pain and thus she is unwanted until you can heal AND she can conduct herself in an age appropriate mature mannerism. This is a case where reasoning with her isn't going to work. You need time for the wounds to heal with no contact (which in the end will prove beneficial as painful as it may seem at first) and she needs time to maybe grow up. If she is a manipulative individual, she may never do so.


People don't change themselves usually, they just change their mask.


Best of luck and think of YOU. You're the one that counts here.

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just having people to ask helps me out alot. an you are rite i am not over her. i think she enjoys to see me hurt. today she brought over the pictures that we had taken togther. boy that was a slap in my face. how can some people be so cruel?? she has already been told not to come out this way. what i'm i doing wrong. i want a fresh start. everytime i tell her to move on she tell me that i am imature,an that i can't handle relationships of any kind! is she trying to destroy me?? after all she cheated on me,i did nothing but love her..all of ya'll are rite. thanks for the input!! it helps keep me focus.

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