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not so Merry ex-mas :P

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Hey, ive just joined the forum, ive been reading them for a while and decided id join,


ive just broken up with some1 i really really liked (well she broke up with me) and i really want to get bak with her it hadnt been for very long a couple of weeks we had been going out though we where close for a while before that

we were still friendly towards each other didnt speek alot though I text her saying merry christmas and she text back and that was the last time we spoke


Its my birthday soon(10th Jan) sme day as the dogs and im going to have a party so i dont particually want to ignore her so i may break it, should I? i have no idea wether she still likes me or not and i wont see her until the end of the hol (around 6th Jan) unless i have a reason to or mabey arange some trip with friends i dnt really see the whole nc thing working at least for me its not like we had i fight or anything


btw she knows i want her back, is that a gd or bad thing? and she never has let on how she felt to me or mabey i just havent noticed

and tips on wat i shud or not do would be great

thks in advance

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I don't want to sound harsh, but you asked for our thoughts. Some have given them and you have rejected them out of hand. Sometimes the advice you get may not be the words you want to hear. You are young, and still have many more instances like this to face in your life before you meet and make a life with somebody who will really break your heart if it ends. I hate to sound patronising, but you are infatuated with this girl, not "In Love".

At your age you must do what you think is best. It is all adding to your experience for when a girl becomes a significant part of your life, and causes you REAL physical and mental pain when it all goes wrong.

Enjoy your youth, enjoy the experiments in relationships that prepare you for when you are older and the other person in your life depends upon you as much as you depend upon them. You should remember, though, that strangers do not know your personal circumstances. Most particularly on a site like this. We can adivse you based upon what we are going through. It might not be to your liking, but it is what we would do if the circumstances applied to us.

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I am not putting you down because of your age, please don't think that. Heartache isn't the preserve of older people.

I think that whatever you choose to do will be right for you, but, as I said previously, the one you wish to get back with may tell you that she isn't interested, and you should be ready to deal with that if and when it happens. I think you will. That is where your age is to your advantage. As for me, I am 40 years older than you. I don't have my whole life ahead of me to learn from my mistakes; you do.

Good luck.

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