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Parents and Smoking.

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Hey guys, my parents have never smoked anything, cigarettes, weed, anything that I know of. My mom's admitted to trying it though.


Anyways, my friend had a pack of cigarettes and left them at my house after one of my parties, and I put them in a little case, and hid them behind my cd player. I don't smoke, I find it disgusting and extremely unhealthy.


Well my parents wanted to use my cd player for their party tomorrow night, and I got home and found my cd player ajar. (sp?)


I took the case of cigarettes down to my parents and said, "I bet you guys found these didn't you?". My mom nodded and I said "I swear to god I don't smoke" and she replied "where did you get them then?" and I told the truth.


I just feel that they don't believe me, or something. My parents do trust me.. but last night mom came into my room and thought I was smoking weed in my room, which I wasn't, it must've been from outside. (She has a good nose).


What should I do about this? I left them on my stairs and told mom she could flush them. I didn't earlier just because I didn't know if you could flush them.


What should I do?



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Well you mist admit it did look a little suspicious. But they will soon clue in that you don't because you won't smell of tobacco all the time. Although you will pick it up on your clothes if your friends smoke and you are around them a lot.

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Don't worry SuperDuper. Parents are suspicious most of the time. They are entitled to. I am sure that as long as you are not smoking, the truth would come into light someday. Scent from cigarette smoke has a way of staying on your clothes and hair. Smokers can lie about not smoking, but these factors would prove them otherwise. In time, your parents would know the truth.


As mentioned, don't worry!

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