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Hes amazing......but.....


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Ok...Im going out with this guy named Chuck, I love him with all my heart.....He treats me right, and he does anything for me.....for my birthday and Christmas he bought me 2 rings and a necklace.... He never would think about hurting me.....now heres the problem....Lately Ive been thinking about my ex Steven. He was my first true love, he treated me like dirt, but we had our good times. I loved him so much, and I do miss him sometimes when im all alone. It hurts because hes the one I wanted to spend my life with even though there was no real future with us. Why am I constantly thinking about him when I have Chuck. I mean I even cry sometimes.....Ill never forget about Steven, we never talk anymore and right now I dont know where hes located, He'll call me every 7 months and see how im doing. I mean it hurts so bad....

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you cry over someone who treated you like dirt? Self respect please. Nobody's worth that, especially not someone who hasn't got the sense to treat you right. You deserve better than to cry over someone like that, put him down his pedestal, he should mean nothing to you. Everytime you miss him, tell yourself that he's definitely not worth it and it should be him crying after you. That way you can stop missing him.

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When a person is in our heart, they stay there. At times you will think of them, wish things had worken out differently. That is ok. Nothing wrong with it. Even if the person treated you poorly, it is easy to forgot that and romanticize and remember the good times. Feelings for someone do not go away easily, especially when you had talks about spending forever together. It takes time. And that length of time can be years.


Try to concentrate on what you have know. As things progress with Chuck you will gradually forget about Steven. Best of luck to you.

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