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question about birth control

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i started my second cycle of tri-cyclen lo, but because im on vacation, i messed up the time differences and started the cycle a day early (meaning that there were 6 days between, not the usual 7). i decided it would be better to continue taking the pills, instead of skipping a day...do you think this will have any major effects? thanks for any input!

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Yeah, because, correct me if I'm wrong(I've only dated one girl that was on birth control pills(Alesse), the other on the patch).. But you have 3 weeks of active pills, and 1 week of "nothing" really. Just pills to keep you in the habit of taking them.. Well, you "skipped" a blank pill and started the active pills, which would have ended your period short of the full week..



Still check with your health care provider, but I wouldn't worry to much. Perhaps be a little careful when having sex for atleast a week.

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