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I'm Scared of How Amazing he is.....

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Today is the 6 month mark for my boyfriend and I. I guess you could say guys like him don't date me. My boyfriend is the drop dead hottie with the amazing body and sparkling personality that every girl in his college wants to date. I'm just the girl who's more on the quiet side and was always the girl in her class who was heavier than all the other girls. I love myself and I love my curves, but most guys in high school went for the ones who are sticks. I met him in college though, somehow we met and clicked and he makes me feel like I'm his queen and makes me feel good about myself. These past 6 months with him have been the best and they've been incredible. I love everything about him and I love his imperfections and goofiness. It took 4 months for him to say the L word to me, but I knew he truly meant it.


Tonight, we just spent our 1/2 year anniversary in each others arms, we made love for the first time together and I gave my virginity to him...he made me feel so comfortable, so loved and he took everything slow, and we were probably gazing into each other's eyes for a few hours or so.


He just left because he has a 5am class tomorrow, but I'm in tears now because I'm scared of how amazing he is...how incredibly in love I am with him. Maybe it's because I've never dated a guy that's treated me like his queen, guys all my life have treated me like dirt. I guess I'm afraid of him letting me go...or me not being good enough for him because he is so amazing. It's just way too surreal for me.


Has anyone else been through this? How do I deal with these emotions? What do I do?

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I who’d say enjoy the ride, and thanks god whenever you got the chance.

You should never see yourself as being more or less beautiful then him and show him that you love him, not worship him.

I considered myself as being very ugly as a teen and the girl who changed my point of view also became my first dumpee.

Also I feel the need to say that now I consider myself gorgeous thanks to her and use this to my advantage.

Sometimes we hurt the ones we love…

As how to deal with the emotions …well you guess is as god as mine

Smile, cry, squeeze in your arms and do whatever comes naturally. Sometimes people now when we’re acting… so no point in doing that.

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I have heard this story before. My gf feels exactly the same as you do, and i feel the same about her. My worst fears is something bad happening to her, then our relationship. I feel as though i could truly not live without her, but i do know i would of cut if it wasnt for her. Ill tell her of this topic, you two would relate well.

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Sounds familiar, my fiance says the same stuff.


All I can say is don't do anything stupid like flirt with other guys, get too lazy, or act too emotional. He likes being with you because of who you are, so be yourself and enjoy it. If you worry, and it puts you in a bad mood, that could be a problem!

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I think there is a general difference between college guys and high school guys. By college everyone has matured a bit, and everything isn't so superficial. I think there is more of an interest in dating a diversity of women, rather than just the barbie dolls. I never had anyone interested in me in high school, I thought I was ugly and it just seemed so weird in college when guys started taking an interest in me. I am sure you are beautiful and now you have found someone who sees that, and is loving and accepting of you.


I agree with versat though, don't act like you worship him. I think you need to realize that you are great and you do deserve him, and just show him how much you love him. You are equally amazing and that is why he is with you.


I don't really know how you can get over what you feel, I think it is just a self-confidence thing. Just remember you are out of high school and have now found someone who loves you for who you are, and it was only a matter of time before that happened. Just keep telling yourself that YOU are amazing and YOU deserve this guy, because it's true. I also think it's good not to overthink things, and overanalyze things, I think that is what leads to these feelings. I overanalyze everything and I think I have learned if something is going great it's better to just enjoy it rather than to try and understand why it's happening to me.


You have found something that sounds incredibly beautiful, so I hope you can continue to embrace it.

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I can relate alot I feel the same way about my bf I love him very much and i guess I can't live without him..my other half, the best way to deal with these emotions look in his eyes and realize all the love he has for you and let him realize how much you love him as well Best of luck to you both and remember he picks you because of you that makes you special

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you could say guys like him don't date me. My boyfriend is the drop dead hottie with the amazing body and sparkling personality that every girl in his college wants to date.


= you are setting your value too low.

= you are setting his value high based on looks.



in each others arms, we made love for the first time together and I gave my virginity to him...


= that is awesome, baby.


I'm in tears now because I'm scared of how amazing he is...

I guess I'm afraid of him letting me go...

or me not being good enough for him


= based on evolution you see him as having superior genes to yourself. this excites you because you want to have his baby already (you gave him your virginity = nature knows nothing of contraception).

you are worried he will run off with another girl, or at least sleep with someone else.

he might. but if you want best chance to keep him, do the following:

-build your self-esteem and have your own goals.

-treat him well but do not worship the ground he walks on.

-respect him only if he is giving you something worthwhile.

-do the same and he will respect you.

-now you've slept together give him good sex life = best way to keep a man satisfied.

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For the first time I actuall agree with Huntsman. The only reason you are feeling like this is because you watched your classmates go for the skinny girls and have low esteem. You thereforeeee subconsciously assume he would too and that you aren't good enough. He is with you, you are good enough, you just need to have confidence in yourself. My only advice to enjoy it.

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I'd say enjoy yourself. It sounds like you are doing a good job of it, but keep on being yourself, you do NOT want to change who you are to make him keep liking you. And don't live in fear that he's going to leave you because he will pick up on that and it will push him away.

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